The Unitarian Congregation of Taos (UCoT or Congregation) serves families and individuals as an inclusive, compassionate, liberal spiritual community; a beacon of progressive enlightenment; and a call to service.

We offer regular services at 11:00 a.m. Sundays in the Masonic Lodge at 124 Camino de Santiago, at the intersection with Gusdorf Rd.


July 5 – Rev. Doug Inhofe – A Life of the Heart

“Life is not only a merriment;
Life is desire and determination.
Wisdom is not in words;
Wisdom is meaning within words.
Greatness is not in exalted position;
Greatness is for one who refuses position.”
– Kahlil Gibran (Lebanese poet and essayist)

Understanding that there is much to be enjoyed from the process of living itself is often difficult in our goal-driven world, but it’s an idea worth pondering. Putting it this way leads us to step back, to “go meta,” to consider-as The King and I tried to show us, night after beautiful night-that the point of life is the journey, not the destination. Seeing that our ultimate goals are not always the ones immediately at hand can guide us to lead a more meaningful life. Do not take the heart out of life in the name of achievement. There is much to be learned from others, including, most pointedly, those who are teammates and who collaborate, participate, and work together…all for their own sake! This is indeed a life of the heart.

July 12 – Sunday Circle Discussion – Play More Info on Sunday Circles

July 19 – Rev. Gary Kowalski – “The Religion of George Washington.” Is it too late for an Independence Day sermon? Well, consider this: on July 2, 1776, twelve of the thirteen colonies voted in favor of Richard Henry Lee’s motion to separate from England. Nearly a month passed however, before the actual signing occurred. New York’s delegates wouldn’t act until they received official orders from their state assembly. Next it took two weeks for the document to be formally inscribed and transferred to parchment. Most delegates signed August 2, but several never affixed their signatures at all. If those tidbits surprise you, what you learn about George Washington, the “Father of our Country,” may just leave you shaking your head. Come learn the real story of this fascinating and complicated figure. Gary Kowalski, our speaker, is author of Revolutionary Spirits: The Enlightened Faith of America’s Founding Fathers.

July 26 – Sunday Circle Discussion – Family Stories More Info on Sunday Circles