The Unitarian Congregation of Taos (UCoT or Congregation) serves families and individuals as an inclusive, compassionate, liberal spiritual community; a beacon of progressive enlightenment; and a call to service.

We offer regular services at 11:00 a.m. Sundays at the historic Ranchos Presbyterian Church on the corner of San Francisco St. and Highway 68 in Ranchos de Taos just south of the Town of Taos and just North of the Ranchos de Taos Post Office.

Up-Coming Services

February 1 – Sendak, Songs and Stories – Rev. Douglas Inhofe. Meaning in our lives exists because we construct narratives for ourselves that start in the past and swirl through this moment and press on into the future—just as the dream sequences that come at the end of so many stories and movies. The future is a puzzle of sorts, but, with a narrative that makes sense, it’s not so daunting, not so perilous, not so scary, not so imposing. Some of us are better at creating useful stories of our past, and casting them into the future, than others. Maurice Sendak was superb at it, and his stories helped his readers see a world that was manageable, one where the monsters were put in their place, where they were not too big, where they could be faced and overcome. And thus we can have a more welcoming future—a prospect that, by itself, can make it happen. Come along for a ride with Maurice!

February 8 – Sunday Circle Discussion - Blessings

February 15 – At Home in the Cosmos - Rev. Gary Kowalski. In a secular version of the Rapture, the Hollywood film Interstellar foresees a future when humans escape the Earth and travel to other worlds. But science has already taken us to the stars, and if we bother to pay attention to the signals that spacecraft like Voyager and Kepler have sent back, the Universe is giving us a message. 

February 22 – Sunday Circle Discussion - Aging