The Unitarian Congregation of Taos (UCoT or Congregation) serves families and individuals as an inclusive, compassionate, liberal spiritual community; a beacon of progressive enlightenment; and a call to service.

We offer regular services at 11:00 a.m. Sundays in the Masonic Lodge at 124 Camino de Santiago, at the intersection with Gusdorf Rd.

Up-Coming ServicesMay 17 – Rev. Gary Kowalski – Celebrating Our Kinship With All Creation. Life is not a commodity but a community. Animals are not our possessions but our elder siblings, guides, and teachers in the larger family of which Homo sapiens is merely a junior member. Reverend Gary Kowalski shares the journey that led him to appreciate nature as the primordial sacrament and to rediscover the ancient knowledge evident to indigenous people (reconfirmed by the findings of modern biology) that other species are not so different from our own; they share in the emotional depths and psychic capacities that make us most fully human. He states, ”It is an article of faith for me that we human beings are animals, not separate or superior to other forms of life but branches off an old and wondrous family tree. And this, in my mind, is reason for celebration, reminding us of our true identity, sharing in the depths of mind and spirit that are the depths of nature itself.”

May 24 – Sunday Circle Discussion – Ethical Eating  (More Info on Sunday Circles)

May 31 – Service Sunday – Hwy 68 roadside clean-up – In lieu of an inside service Sunday, May 31, we’ll meet at 11 a.m. in the Masonic Lodge parking lot to organize carpools and head south to Highway 68 between mile markers 39 and 40. Wally will bring signs, reflective vests, trash bags. Each volunteer should wear sturdy shoes and sunscreen, bring work gloves and a water bottle. Clean-up takes about two hours, after which some may choose to get together over lunch/brunch at a local eatery. IF YOU PLAN TO PARTICIPATE or IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, please contact Wally Cox at 758-7357 or moc.l1432430662iamg@1432430662af47l1432430662a1432430662 by May 27. THANK YOU!

June 7 – Rev. Gary Kowalski – The Ghost in the Machine. British mathematician Alan Turing, who cracked the code of the German’s Enigma Machine and helped win World War II, has become well known through the Hollywood biopic “The Imitation Game.” This morning, our co-minister Gary Kowalski ponders the moral and theological questions posed by Turing’s work. What if we thought about our entire universe as an Enigma Machine? Is there a hidden code to be deciphered in the world’s seemingly random events … a secret meaning … a message waiting to be understood? Alan Turing’s brilliant and tragic career may offer clues to an answer.

June 14 – Sunday Circle Discussion – Resilience. More Info on Sunday Circles

June 21 – Rev. Doug Inhofe – Sunday Service 

June 28 – Sunday Circle Discussion – Sin. More Info on Sunday Circles