11:00 am UCOT Annual Meeting

Event Details

Members and friends are welcome to attend, but you must be a member to vote. Lunch will be served after the meeting is adjourned.

This year, we’ll cover such topics as the budget—and how we got ours into the black this year, thanks to your generosity and good faith. We’ll also discuss our reserve funds that have accumulated from past years—and how we might envision using them in the future.

There will be some board-member changes this year, and we’ll ask you to vote on the nominated members, as well as on a change in the bylaws to allow a six-member board. 

Chuck Fawns will also give you an idea of what our Shared Ministry Development Team has learned and whether or not as a congregation we are fulfilling our Vision, Mission, and Covenant. The team will also recommend to the board and the congregation new directions they have gleaned from the surveys they distributed.

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