11:00 am Service – The Question Box

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A favorite bumper sticker reads “Question Authority!” And a second favorite reads “When Authority Answers, Listen!” Here is your chance to pose questions and quandaries to Rev. Gary, a Harvard Divinity School graduate and author of numerous volumes on history, science, nature, and spirituality. Admittedly, his answers to the Ultimate Questions are no better than anyone else’s, but they do contain years of study and personal reflection. So please let him know what intrigues, puzzles, or perplexes you in matters moral, metaphysical, or theological. Let’s explore the riddles together! Email your questions to moc.l1556142481iamg@1556142481iksla1556142481wok.y1556142481rag1556142481“>gary. moc.l1556142481iamg@1556142481iksla1556142481wok1556142481 one week prior to the service, if you want an intelligent reply! 

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