Upcoming Services & Sharing Circles

Sunday, December 17, 11 a.m., Service – Sex, Sin, and the Birth of Jesus, Rev. Gary Kowalski

The nativity story is surrounded by hints of scandal: an untimely and possibly out-of-wedlock birth, a teenage mother who speaks of her “humiliation,” an infant who will later be identified (by the gospel writer Mark) as “son of Mary” rather than as Jesus ben Joseph, the more typical manner of referring to the son of a Jewish father. In this sermon, Gary explores ancient categories of sex, sin, shame and gender whose distortions continue to trouble our modern world and illuminates the potentially liberating message of Christmas.

Sunday, December 24, 11 a.m., Christmas Eve Service

Our Christmas Eve morning service will be a salon-style reading and sharing of your family’s winter holiday traditions. There will be no evening service on Christmas Eve.

Sunday, December 31, 11 a.m., Burning Bowls Ceremony

Donna Collins has agreed to come up from Albuquerque to lead the Burning Bowls ceremony, releasing the old and inviting the new. This is an indoor/outdoor service, complete with a little time spent by the fire outside the lodge, so dress accordingly. Feel free to bring warming snacks to share after the service.

Sunday, January 7, 11 a.m., Service – Rambling in the Weeds, Rev. Munro Sickafoose

Conversations with the ancestors about death, fear, and history in a time of great change. Where will our wanderings take us?

Sunday, January 14, 11 a.m., Sharing Circle — Reaching Across the Divide: Forgiveness

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Sunday, January 21, 11 a.m., Service – The Bible as Poetry, Rev. Gary Kowalski

A much ballyhooed “Bible Museum” opened last month on the national mall, chock full of ancient artifacts, translations, and reconstructed first century Jewish villages, all premised on the debatable notion of Steve Green (President of Hobby Lobby, the institution’s principle funder) that “the Bible is a reliable historical document.” Rather than dissect the various strands of myth, folklore, superstition and genuine moral teaching in the scriptures, our minister Gary Kowalski will consider an entirely different angle of vision: reading the Bible as verse, much of it magnificent and moving, yet a document where the melody may be as important as the meaning.

Sunday, January 28, 11 a.m., Sharing Circle — Story

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