Service: Silken Ties of Love

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Rev. Doug Inhofe

We search for meaning in our lives, meaning that gives us a mission and orients us day by day; but when it goes missing, we experience the days differently. They don’t feel the same, they don’t even look the same! This disengaged feeling is depressing, to be sure, but the silver lining is the glimpse of a bigger picture, one where we are conscious of our own struggles. With yet another step back, we can see that organizing chaos is so difficult that it might, very reasonably, simply go undone.

This is the human condition: Our self-awareness sabotages us by giving us too many difficult looks. That death is ahead is certain. Yet we know life’s been worth living (we’ve had “meaning” before!), and it remains so. Confronting death and all its strangeness can give us the freedom to appreciate the genuine beauty in knowing we are here, this moment; in knowing how strange our circumstances are and always have been, from birth onward; and in taking comfort in our having distilled order and serenity, courage, happiness and love from this strange brew. 

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