Sharing Circle: A Course in Miracles

Event Details

Have you wondered what the Course in Miracles is all about? If so, come to an informational meeting in lieu of the sharing circle. Marie Griffith, a longtime student of the spiritual psychology, will describe it and take your questions. If there’s enough interest, we may form a covenant group.

The Course in Miracles is a course mainly in Love and Forgiveness. It is a self-study consisting of 1,300 pages of theology, daily lessons, and a manual of terms with instructions for teachers. Its goal is to heal our minds so we can enjoy perfect health and peace. Though difficult to practice, it offers a simple solution to every problem. Also, two more things: (1 ) It teaches that the world, the way we conceive of it, is an illusion, because all is consciousness; our experiences, however, are very real. AND, (2) All illness is due to a conflicted mind.

ACIM is based on non-dual thinking, perhaps closer to Buddhism than Christianity.

Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.

Note: the word “real” is your eternal, unalterable Spirit, i.e., God/Creator.

What is a Miracle? One of the simplest definitions is that it is a correction for how we perceive and how we think. The miracle is focused on healing our minds so we can think with God/Love. When our minds are healed, via advanced forgiveness, our bodies are not far behind. The world is just a reflection of our unloving thoughts. It asks to you look on devastation and remind your mind that what it sees is false.

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