Sharing Circle: Hiding Your Feelings

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What does it mean to be authentic? It is said that it is vital to live our own truth and to be authentic. An authentic life is one in which our actions and words are congruent with our beliefs and values. We are true to ourselves and not the person others want us to be.

But living an authentic life can be difficult and even painful, for ourselves and sometimes for others. Hiding our true feelings from ourselves can be a way to live in denial of our authentic selves. It can also be a mask we put on to keep others from knowing who we really are.

Please join us at the Sharing Circle to explore this issue. Consider the following prompts as a pathway in to the discussion: When has hiding your feelings caused you remorse or regret?


Think of a situation when revealing your true feelings caused another person to feel pain or anger at hearing your truth, and then describe how you felt after you honestly revealed yourself.

When did you hide your true feelings because it was the appropriate decision for the well-being or safety of another person?


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