Sharing Circle: Homemaking

Event Details

Home is both a place and an idea. It is a real place, a real experience; and it can be a metaphor and a symbol. Home is different and individual for each being.

Along with the variety and diversity of “home,” the meaning of homemaking and homemaker var­ies. Our personalities aren’t fixed—we’re changing all the time. Our surroundings should reflect that. Therefore, the role of the homemaker may also change as we change—a single person takes a roommate or a life partner; each discovers new roles and new facets of each other and themselves. Children, pets may be added; jobs change; loca­tions. Goals change; processes change. AND,the home and homemaking change.

Please come and share what a nurturing home has meant for you throughout your lifetime. How have you made a home—one that allows and supports personal growth, spiritual growth?

We will somewhat abbreviate the circle so we can follow it with another brainstorming session on 2020 topics!

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