Leadership Directory

The UCOT Board of Trustees meets at least monthly. Any Congregation member is welcome to attend a meeting or ask to have an item put on the agenda. Please contact any Board Member for details about the time and location of the next meeting. 

  • Bob Aubrecht, President
  • Mimi Owensby, Vice-President
  • Joe Mazza, Treasurer
  • Margot Coleman, Secretary
  • Dennis Scott, Board Member
  • Chuck Fawns, Ex-Officio Board Member

For questions about Congregation activities other than those of the Board, here are the people to get in touch with:

  • Linda Aubrecht, Care Committee
  • Rachel Cohen, Publicity
  • Wally Cox, Adopt-a-Highway Cleanup
  • Carol Doughty, Women’s Group
  • Mimi Owensby, Outreach Committee
  • Virginia Saporta, Dinners for 6
  • Dennis Scott, Men’s Group & Sharing Circles
  • Chris Westover, Shared Ministry Team