How to Get Involved

Join our Women’s Group, which meets at 6 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month, normally in the Bridge Club building, 1350 Paseo del Pueblo Sur, Suite 6 (just north of People’s Bank in the same center as Enterprise Car Rental). Discussion focus and any change of venue is communicated in advance. For additional information or to be put on the email notice list, contact Carol Doughty, moc.l1566402171iamg@1566402171ythgu1566402171odccl1566402171 or Marsha Fawns, moc.t1566402171ensoa1566402171t@sgn1566402171itaer1566402171c1566402171.

Join our Men’s Group, which meets at 4:30 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month in members’ homes. For additional information or to be put on the e-mail notice list, contact Terry Surguine, moc.l1566402171iamg@1566402171eniug1566402171rust1566402171.

Join our Mindful Consumption Group which is now being formed. Our purchasing, consumption, and disposal choices have economic, social, financial, and environmental consequences that affect not only humans but the larger web of life. We can make choices that work for each of us after thinking mindfully about such actions. For more information or to be put on the email list, contact Chris Westover, moc.l1566402171iamg@15664021712102r1566402171evots1566402171ewc1566402171.

Join our Meditation Group.  Chuck and Marsha Fawns host a Buddhist meditation group on the second and fourth Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. at their home. If you have been meditating for a while, this community practice might be beneficial. The group shares techniques, books, and insights. If you have an interest in joining this group or if you have any questions, contact them at moc.t1566402171ensoa1566402171t@tir1566402171ipsyk1566402171 or 575-758-1887. You can be put on the email list, or just inquire about the format. Directions to their house will be included in the notification emails.

Join our Camping Group.  Recently, a camping group was formed and some of the members took their first camping trip together! Jane Starks, Chris Westover and Sally Savage met at El Vado Lake State Park for camping, camaraderie and exploration. For pictures, please visit this page. If you’d like to join in for an occasional camping trip, contact Sally, moc.l1566402171iamto1566402171h@_ti1566402171rips_1566402171niatn1566402171uom1566402171, Chris moc.l1566402171iamg@15664021712102r1566402171evots1566402171ewc1566402171, or Jane, moc.s1566402171krats1566402171enaj@1566402171enaj1566402171.

Start a Special Interest Group: Many people have indicated an interest in small, engaged discussion groups, workshops, or activities. If you’d like to lead a group, you can recruit members by making an announcement during a service or at the beginning of a Sharing Circle. You may want to limit your group to about eight if you’re meeting in people’s homes. Then begin as you are ready and enjoy!

We have already started forming interfaith / intercultural discussion groups as well as a political action committee, which later joined forces with Taos United (see below). Other ideas include: cards or games; psychological/spiritual groups; interpersonal communication skills; an end-of-life discussion group; a movie or theater group; a writers’ group with poetry prompts for writing or art journals with a spiritual bent; an interfaith discussion group; a Sangha group, a committed group of meditators in the Buddhist tradition, who would meet regularly to meditate and discuss their own practice and how to be relevant in the world as a Unitarian and a Buddhist; and a hiking group. Contact Barbara Scott at moc.d1566402171uolci1566402171@seye1566402171lanif1566402171 with your ideas for starting a small group. 

Join Taos United (political resistance group). To find out more, visit their website here.

Volunteer with our Congregational Care team to provide specific support services to those in the congregation who are in need. We recently saw this caring in action when one of our members fell and broke her hip in an icy parking lot on her way to work. Services might include local rides, providing meals, hospital visits, pet care, or special needs. Contact Linda Aubrecht at moc.l1566402171iamg@156640217199thc1566402171erbua1566402171l1566402171.

Volunteer with our Community OutReach team to contribute to those who are in need within our community. We meet on the last Tuesday of the month at 4:00 at the Dream Catcher building just off Gusdorf Rd. We currently provide dinners as well as monetary and other donations to local charities including the Men’s Shelter and HEART of Taos, which assists homeless women and helps with their re-integratio into the community. For more information, contact Mimi Owensby, moc.l1566402171iamg@1566402171ybsne1566402171wo.im1566402171im1566402171.

Sign up for Dinners for Six: Groups are assigned at least twice a year to meet monthly, sharing meals at each others’ homes, with all participants bringing part of the meal. For more information or to be included in a group, contact Virginia Saporta, moc.l1566402171iamg@1566402171atrop1566402171asav1566402171.

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Dinners for Six group

Bring a simple flower arrangement for a service, or bring light snacks for about 40 people to share during social hour after a service. Sign up at the big table after services. See the attached document for more information.

Take a turn making coffee for social hour after services. To find out more about the Coffee Committee, contact Chuck Doughty, moc.l1566402171iamg@1566402171ythgu1566402171odccl1566402171.

Join our Music Team. To find out more, contact Gael Minton, moc.l1566402171iamg@156640217130mra1566402171fbs1566402171, or Martha Grossman, .moc.1566402171q@nam1566402171ssorg1566402171ahtra1566402171m1566402171

Join our “choir” by coming to services half an hour early (at 10:30 am).

Help clean up the Congregation’s mile of Highway 68 south of town in spring and/or fall. Contact Wally Cox, .moc.1566402171liamg1566402171@af471566402171la1566402171

Help lead services or plan and lead circles by joining the Lay Leader Team or Circle Facilitators. Contact Barbara Scott, .moc.1566402171q@sey1566402171elani1566402171f1566402171

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