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All in-person Services and Circles canceled until further notice
As we all take precautions for the Covid-19 virus spread, UCOT will be cancelling upcoming live gatherings until further notice. We will conduct live-streaming services on Zoom until further notice.  If you are not currently getting the weekly email that contains the necessary Zoom link, please visit our “Contact Us” page and we will add you to our mailing list.

Sunday, July 12, Sharing Circle: “Spiritual Ecology”

We humans inhabit Mother Earth with countless other living beings. The earth is theirs, too. The air and water that humans pollute, and the destruction of the earth’s finite resources for our comfort or profit affects all other life on the planet. How we choose to live our lives affects not just other living beings but our children and their descendants. What can we do to ensure that our lifestyle re­spects the richness and diversity of all living beings and preserves its resources for future generations? What meaningful sacrifices are we willing to make to bring this about? Come join us to share your thoughts.

Sharing Circles are currently held via email. Submit our contact form for more information.

Sunday, July 19, Service: Topic TBA
Rev. Munro Sickafoose

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Sunday, July 26, Sharing Circle: “Family”

Families, whether biological or chosen, are what give most people’s lives their shape. They produce enormous pain and joy and all the emotions in between for their members. Most of our happiest and most tragic experiences are somehow connect­ed with family. Families are flawed, intense, com­plex, organic units whose members often fail each other in important ways. But family affection is the glue that holds lives together.

Some things to think about: What was your fam­ily like as you were growing up? How has your family shaped you into who you are right now? Reminding ourselves that families are human, to what extent does this smooth the edges of some of the more painful experiences you have known in family? To what extent does this lend grace to ex­periences painful and joyous that you have known in family?

Sharing Circles are currently held via email. Submit our contact form for more information.

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