Sharing Circle “Blackbird”

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Join the Sharing Circle in this new year for a slightly different, possibly more expressionistic, format. This year, we’ll be emailing a song, a phrase or a quote for you to respond to via email (on the second Sunday of the month) in any way that moves you, from your own heart and from an authentic place inside you. Then on the fourth Sunday of the month, we’ll meet live on Zoom to take it a little deeper. This month’s theme is song, and the song is the Beatles’ Blackbird. On the off chance you don’t remember it, you can listen here. If you’re interested in the song making aspect, you can always enjoy this little video about where the tune came from. Which composer would you guess?


For information on how to join our Sharing Circle, complete our contact form if you’re not already on our email list:

Sharing Circles are held via email on the 2nd Sunday and via Zoom on the 4th Sunday of the month.

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