Your presence is very much desired at our special event and annual meeting on Sunday, January 17, 2016, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. We will… celebrate the new year; the first year of our second decade; reflect on what has been most … Continue reading

Seldom have relations between Americans of Christian, Jewish and secular bent and their Muslim neighbors been so troubled. Yet even those who espouse tolerance and interfaith understanding often find the experiential core of Islam hard to fathom. In this morning’s service, … Continue reading

Reverend Gary Kowalski Why are Americans so angry? Shouting has replaced dialogue. Personal attack and confrontation dominate politics. Public discourse has become rude and our interpersonal relations have been infected by the meanness of our culture. This morning our minister … Continue reading

At our Feb. 14 Sunday Circle on “The Interdependent Web of All Being,” many of us mentioned the longing for more diversity in our lives. Here’s a great opportunity. The Taos News listed the event in Tempo Magazine with this description: Bilingual event celebrating the art and culture … Continue reading

Reverend Gary Kowalski Abraham Lincoln may be among our nation’s most admired and influential leaders, yet his faith was anything but conventional. Shaped by skepticism and seared by the fires of war, his spiritual journey reflects evolving views on God, … Continue reading

“Rockets & Love”—Guest speaker Munro SickafooseOur humanist roots are sourced deep in the Enlightenment. What did happiness, reverence, hope, and reason mean to those who lived and thought in that time? How do they inform Unitarian Universalists today?   Munro … Continue reading

Or Buddha? Or Gandhi or Saint Francis? Americans are aware as never before of what they eat and where their food comes from, with devotees of slow food, locavores, and varieties of vegetarian and gluten-free diets now common. Without insisting … Continue reading

Rev. Gary Kowalski and members of the Vision/Mission Team What are your hopes and dreams—for your own personal growth, for the community you live in, and for the future? How can the Unitarian Congregation of Taos support you in your … Continue reading